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Author Topic: Thin lenses for high myopia  (Read 7534 times)


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Thin lenses for high myopia
« Reply #1 on: July 18, 2011, 09:26:48 AM »
Q: I am extremely nearsighted, something like -11.0 in each eye, and have trouble finding glasses that are comfortable, due to the weight and thickness of the lens. I can reduce the size with high index glass, and smaller frames, etc.
Is there any new technology on the horizon to make lenses even thinner than they can be now? And which combination of materials/glass/plastic can give me the thinnest lens possible?
A: Actually, you have pretty well covered the possibilities with the exception of aspheric lenses in addition to being high index, they help minimize the thickness and improve the vision when looking off center.
One thing not to do is to go to thin high index glass in places like Hong Kong. These will not pass the US safety tests and are a hazard to ones eyes if trauma occurs.
The highest index plastic today is 1.74. It is more expensive, but worth it for these strong glasses prescriptions.