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Author Topic: Contact lens solution sensitivity  (Read 5601 times)


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Contact lens solution sensitivity
« Reply #1 on: July 18, 2011, 10:12:19 AM »
Q: My question is in regards to dry eyes.  This April I switched to contacts with higher water content I had initially been using the soft lenses that are replaced every six months. I switched to the lenses that are replaced every  two weeks.
Two weeks into my new lenses, I seemed to develop dry eyes and a corneal abrasion. I'm not sure how i got the abrasion, but I'm pretty sure it had something to do with my lens wear, or maybe it was a result of the dry eyes.
My abrasion has since healed, but my dry eyes have persisted.  I have now chosen to wear my glasses, to avoid increasing/aggravating the dryness.
I've never had a history of dry eyes, and it seemed to develop rapidly within the span of a week. I am using lubricant eye drops; it does help.
Also, i have done some reading on dry eyes, and I came upon an article about 'Blepharitis' , which  stated that  one of the symptoms of this is the appearance of a  "film" over the eyes that varies with blinking (especially in the morning) I have noticed this symptom with my eyes. Also, two nights ago, I  was distressed about an issue and had shed some tears. I then slept, when i awoke, i noticed that the area over my eyelid, and the area directly on the rim of my lower lashes were swollen. 
As I mentioned I've never had a history of dry eyes, and am not taking any medication that might trigger it, plus, my lifestyle has been pretty consistent, in terms of computer work, and the environment I'm in. My optometrist says that my 'eyes are fine', and that the dryness is a result of something disrupting the lacrimal glands. Do you suggest that I take this issue up with my primary physician?
A: Surprisingly, the most common cause of "dry eyes" when wearing soft lenses is solution sensitivity. The various germicidal chemicals in these solutions are not tolerated by certain individuals.
Assuming that you had no dry eyes before the lens switch, this would be a good possibility. Also, some people find that the thin disposable type lens dries more easily than the previous, longer term, thicker lenses.
Perhaps your eye doctor would like to try switching your care to ClearCare (to which you cannot be sensitive) and possibly try a different style soft lens.