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Author Topic: Double vision caused by nerve palsy in the eye for poorly controlled diabetes  (Read 8760 times)


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 I have diabetes and because my sugar was out of control on December 5 I woke up with double and blurred vision. I went to the Hospital and they did a CT scan on my brain but they cannot find anything wrong. I went to see the eye doctor and he told me what happened is I got the nerve palsy in my right eye due my poorly controlled diabetes. The doctor told me that will be recover in 8 or 12 weeks. That happened on December 5 and since that happened my sugar level is perfect, however, I still have double vision and I unable to move my right eye :-\ :'( . [/size]I am feel desperate because I need to come back to work and I unable to drive or work with my computer. Someone know if that nerve palsy can be permanent? how much longer take to be recover? is anything beside of control my sugar level can help me to recover more quickly? I am very desperate with this situation. Please help me with this. Thank you very much