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Author Topic: Conjunctivitis  (Read 7777 times)


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Re: Conjunctivitis
« Reply #2 on: January 05, 2012, 11:22:21 PM »
My grown-up son has a very sore eye with excess watering, runny nose, sensitivity to light, painful to open, and extreme redness. Our Doctor has prescribed Fucithalmic ( Fusidic Acid) for bacterial conjunctivitis, we also tried Chloramphenicol for acute bacterial conjunctivitis but I'm wondering if it could be viral conjunctivitis. He had a really bad dose of 'Flu over Christmas and New Year and was run down for a while, could it be that it's not bacterial after all? He's had eye problems for a long time and has been diagnosed with Blepharitis, an ulcer in the eye, conjunctivis and a welding burn in the past. We've tried warm and cool compresses, cold tea bags, Optrex to soothe, the eye is meticulously but gently cleaned each day, and we're using the correct dosage of the antibiotic Fusidic Acid as prescribed but the eye is still very painful and the strain of trying to keep it closed while the one open so that he can see is causing headaches, he takes painkillers when it gets bad but not many. He's had this for 11 days now and I have heard that if it's viral there's no cure and it takes 2-3 weeks to clear up. Can anyone help?


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« Reply #1 on: July 18, 2011, 10:53:30 AM »
Q: I've been told that the thin layer over the eye is inflamed but "it's nothing to worry about".  Exactly what is this thin layer over the eye and should I be concerned?
A: The "thin layer" over the eye is known as the conjunctiva. When inflamed, it is called conjunctivitis. There are many causes for inflammation of the conjunctiva including irritation (onion fumes), infection (bacteria),allergy (cats) and so on. Even not getting enough sleep gives us some irritation. Red eyes that do not clear up deserve a doctor's visit.